Bank Loans: Looking Beyond Interest Rate Expectations

ContentAre Rising Rates Putting Bank Loans at Risk?Corporate ResponsibilityPerformanceWhat Are Senior Secured Loans?InvestingSenior Loans Are Secured by CollateralSeeking to Generate Attractive Risk-adjusted Returns for Investors Covers the most liquid portion of the global investment grade fixed-rate bond market, including government, credit and collateralized securities. While loans have outperformed other risk assets year to date, there have been episodes of sharp volatility. May was one of the worst months on record for the asset class, and the single-day loss of 0.84% [...]

Purchases Returns and Allowances

ContentWant better grades, but can’t afford to pay for Numerade?Why would I need to create a purchase return journal entry?Share QuestionCreating a sales return and allowances journal entryAdditional Accounting Equation IssuesAccounting Transactions That Affect Balance Sheets all the accounts have normal balances. PA20.LO 3.6Prepare an unadjusted trial balance, in correct format, from the following alphabetized account information. The company returned $1,200 of merchandise to the supplier before payment was made. Under the perpetual method, we must always track changes to [...]

Understanding, Filing & Paying Taxes

ContentIndirect TaxMarginal Tax RateYour tax bracket explainedWill I Be Charged with Criminal Tax Fraud?Tax Menu The tariff is paid by the consumer buying the product, not the foreign country or importer from which it came. Public welfare costs include most Medicaid costs while police spending also includes money spent on courts and correctional facilities in the Urban Institute analysis. A few simple steps used to be enough to control financial stress, but COVID and student loan debt are forcing people [...]

General Ledger Trial Balance Report

ContentMore Definitions Of Trial BalanceWhat Is The Formula For Trial Balance?Accounting TopicsHow Did The Field Of Accounting Evolve?What Is An Unadjusted Trial Balance?Значение Trial Balance В АнглийскомCost Accounting Mcqs Suppose if the total of both debit and credit side is not matching, then we have to check the journal entries again and find out with transaction what was accounted wrongly. In short, the trial balance is prepared to identify and detect errors that record general ledgers. It is also used [...]

How to Calculate Fixed Cost: Fixed vs Variable Costs

ContentHow to Find Variable CostElements of Cost BehaviorWhat is Mixed Cost?How to Prepare Multiple Income StatementsThe Relevant Range and Nonlinear CostsAre Sewer Charges Tax Deductible for Businesses?Join PRO or PRO Plus and Get Lifetime Access to Our Premium Materials Here are a few examples of fixed costs to give you a better idea. A discretionary fixed cost is a fixed cost that can be changed in the short run without having a significant impact on the organization. Examples of discretionary [...]

What is expense management software? Zoho Expense

ContentAdvantages of using an expense management software:Expense Management PolicyUsing a Software-Based Expense Management Solution to Your AdvantageMake Expense Reports ConvenientExpense Management: the old way. Fundamentally, it’s a method of payment combined with a method of managing those payments. One survey found that companies spend on average between 6-12% of their total annual budget on travel and entertainment. The same research found that the cost of processing these expense claims or extracting useful value from the data can vary wildly. [...]

How to Get Yelp Reviews & Improve your Online Standing

ContentHow to Turn Off Reviews on FacebookTop 10 Reputation Management Articles of the YearAuto-Bidding Yelp Ad PerformanceEmployee Turnover: What to Do When Your Best Employees Outgrow Your BusinessShare Yelp Reviews on Social MediaHow to tell when a review is fake?Why Your Business Should Work with the Yelp Elite Squad You can even share that your company is women-owned and LGBTQ+ friendly. Make sure to edit your business profile if you change your hours of operation, contact information, etc. Nothing annoys [...]

Accumulated Depreciation Formula & Examples How to Find Accumulated Depreciation Video & Lesson Transcript

ContentAre You Claiming Tax Deductions on Your Home Office?What Is the Basic Formula for Calculating Accumulated Depreciation?Want More Helpful Articles About Running a Business?What Is the Formula For Accumulated Depreciation?How Are Accumulated Depreciation and Depreciation Expense Related? Knowing the salvage value of the asset you're evaluating is essential to calculating the total accumulated depreciation for the year using the straight-line method. The salvage value of an asset is the amount you expect to receive once the asset is no longer [...]

Income Statement

ContentEverything You Need To Know Before Buying A Membership Database SoftwareThe Five Different Types Of AccountsVertical Analysis Using The Balance Sheet And The Income StatementMore Business Planning TopicsWhich Is More Important: The Balance Sheet Or The Income Statement?What Category Of Elements Of Financial Statements Do Retained Earnings Belong In? After revision to IAS 1 in 2003, the Standard is now using profit or loss for the year rather than net profit or loss or net income as the descriptive term [...]